Outreach Program

What is Aiuto?
  • Charities post exactly what they need from donors and how much (money or items).
  • Donors view this on the charity's profile.
  • Donors donate accordingly and the profile.
The Program

Use our app to do your own initiative.

We're here to provide any assistance you might need. Bi-weekly meetings will be held with the group to share ideas + answer questions. Workshops to help with the process will be provided. Give us feedback on the app design!

Projects can include food drives, school fundraisers, homeless shelter drives, etc…

  • Grade 7 - Grade 12 (exceptions can be made)
  • Have a team of 1-5 people (we recommend having more than 1 though)
  • Available for check-in meetings every 2 weeks.
  • Have a cool idea and are prepared to work hard to see it done!

What You Get
  • A program that lets you help people in your community
  • Access to mentors (the Aiuto team) that have successfully been through this process to answer any questions and guide through the process.
  • Workshops to help you get/stay on track.
  • Connections to like minded people in the community.
  • Resume boost.


What To Do
  • Take a look at what we did with the app for nursing homes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qShjJG-IOZA
  • Start thinking about what you can do with Aiuto!
  • Applications will be released in September. Sign up below to receive an email with all of the information on how to apply!

If you want to sponsor the program please email us at aiutosolutions@gmail.com

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, see the email above or check out our social media @aiutosolutions.



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